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Infrared Roof Surveys

Thermal Imaging of commercial roofing is proven and effective for evaluating the moisture in a wide range of flat roofs. Water under the membrane is indicated by the yellow areas in the infrared image.
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Electrical Inspections

Infrared Imaging is a proven tool to identify electrical problems prior to failure, allowing our clients to take proactive steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Blockwall Evaluation

This image shows defects in grout and bond-beams on an elevator shaft. Timely analysis with infrared allows the contractor to correct these defects before the finish is applied.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Energy Audits

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool when performing energy audits and assessments. This infrared image is showing a supply duct that was covered during construction with drywall.

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Commercial Energy Efficiency

Pinnacle Infrared has years of experience providing energy auditing services to businesses in many different industries. Several of our clients own their buildings and are frustrated about wasted energy and higher utility bills affecting their profits.

Whether it is a concern for the environment, need for an EnergyStar benchmark, or the bottom line dollars, we have designed a commercial energy audit specifically to solve your concerns.

Our Energy Audit

Our Energy Audits start with a review of your utility billing. The best way to reduce costs is to search for billing errors, tax exemptions and to check your rate structure. We find many clients that have been erroneously billed or that could obtain tax exemptions and save money on a different rate structure.

Our on-site Energy Audits provide building owners with a road-map to your asset infrastructure and energy usage. Our highly skilled energy engineer can help you use the knowledge gained in energy audits to improve your buildings; and of course our energy audits include infrared imaging of the building envelope.

Who would benefit by an energy audit?

  • Businesses with buildings that have comfort issues.
  • Commercial and institutional buildings looking to reduce their energy usage.
  • Building owners/managers concerned about insulation quality, moisture intrusion, or outside air infiltration.
  • Hotels, grocery stores, restaurants and manufacturers that would like to reduce sales tax on their utility bills.
  • Facilities with lighting concerns (such as efficiency, daylighting, controls, and quality).
  • Businesses that are considering HVAC upgrades or renovations and would like direction on minimizing life-cycle cost.
  • Facilities managers that would like to have an EnergyStar benchmark and/or rating on their buildings.

Your Energy Audit

Our engineer will develop a customized program to meet your unique building performance needs. This personalized approach can help point the way to reduce your energy costs by 10% to 40%.

We investigate and quantify energy savings potential in:

  • Lighting systems
  • HVAC Systems and Controls
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Renewable Energy Applications
  • Electric Motors and Drives
  • Process Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Heat Recovery
  • Thermal Imaging of the Building Envelope and Equipment
  • Switching Utility Rates
  • Rebates and incentives

Once you have read over your commercial building energy audit, our energy auditor will call to discuss the report, and answer any questions.

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