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Infrared Roof Surveys

Thermal Imaging of commercial roofing is proven and effective for evaluating the moisture in a wide range of flat roofs. Water under the membrane is indicated by the yellow areas in the infrared image.
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Electrical Inspections

Infrared Imaging is a proven tool to identify electrical problems prior to failure, allowing our clients to take proactive steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages.
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Blockwall Evaluation

This image shows defects in grout and bond-beams on an elevator shaft. Timely analysis with infrared allows the contractor to correct these defects before the finish is applied.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Energy Audits

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool when performing energy audits and assessments. This infrared image is showing a supply duct that was covered during construction with drywall.

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Roof Infrared Surveys
> Aerial Roof Infrared Scan (IR)

Our RoofScan using Thermal Imaging is proven and effective for evaluating the moisture in a wide range of flat roofs. Pinnacle Infrared's RoofScan can save money by performing a roof inspection and pinpointing areas that may need maintenance and repair. An Infrared roof scan is often the quickest and most cost-effective technique for leak detection.

The amount of retained water in a flat-roof system can be significant and result in major structural deterioration near the leak location as well as affect other areas of the roof.

Thermal Imaging techniques quickly locate the areas where moisture is trapped in subsurface insulation, allowing immediate targeted repair of only the damaged area. As maintenance professionals know, it is very difficult to determine where a leak in the ceiling originated. With Thermal Imaging - from the roof - the origination of the leaks are quickly detected.

We provide nationwide aerial infrared surveys using a FAA licensed pilot. We specialize in the infrared surveys of flat roofs to detect and document roof moisture and wet insulation.

Pinnacle Infrared's state-of-the-art thermal imaging equipment is ideally suited for conducting roof inspections. As with all our infrared thermographic services, only Certified Thermal Imaging experts perform the survey. All of our full-color reports are evaluated and approved by a graduate Engineer.

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