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About Us


We understand that choosing the right consultant can be difficult. Because of this, it is our mission and promise to create long-term client satisfaction through the delivery of quality inspections and audits, clear and concise reports, on-time completion of projects using the latest technology, and offering competitive pricing.
Honoring our team at Pinnacle Engineering to be your consultants will guarantee your company a quality finished project with quality customer service.


Located across North America, our consultants have hundreds of hours of training in topics such as: roofing inspections, energy conservation, energy management, moisture intrusion, building inspections, utility sales tax exemptions, and indoor air quality. We have served clients throughout North America on energy efficiency and solid-fuel combustion. Energy efficiency and building diagnostics have always been our passion and it shows in our work. Each of our consultants is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer.

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