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Pinnacle Infrared provides some of the best and most comprehensive infrared services in the industry, and uses the most advanced infrared (IR) technology available on the market. Our services are widely used in the Wind industry as a tool for monitoring and proactive maintenance. 

Thermography, also known as infrared, can be extremely beneficial over traditional visual inspections and tools because infrared technology doesn’t have to make direct contact with any equipment being monitored.

Infrared (IR Thermography) is considered a nondestructive and noninvasive testing, which measures variances of temperature as the component heats up, also known as thermal radiation that flows through the components. Infrared it’s also commonly known as IR testing, thermal testing, thermal imaging, and IR thermography.

Temperature variations are intimately correlated with thermal radiation. In other words, the quantity of radiation released changes as a component’s temperature lowers or rises. Components must be examined using infrared cameras since this type of radiation is an electromagnetic wave that cannot be perceived by the human eye. Emitted, reflected, and transmitted infrared energy from a component can all be seen on infrared cameras. The component’s temperature can then be determined by examining the thermal image.

In order to identify any hot spots where equipment may get weakened or fail, it is necessary to map the temperature levels and variances of a component. Additionally, corrosion damage, delamination’s, voids, inclusions, and other defects that impair heat transport can be found using IR thermography. However, there must be enough of a temperature difference between the component and its surroundings in order to identify these abnormalities.

Wind Farm Infrared Inspections Include:

  • Substation Equipment

  • T-Body terminations

  • Junction Boxes

  • Transmission Lines (T-Line)

  • Pad Mount Transformers (PMT)

By offering Condition Based Monitoring (CbM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services, Pinnacle Infrared provides accurate predictions and lower operational expenses. Infrared technology can help Wind Farm OEM groups and reliability teams better anticipate breakdowns and place proactive orders for replacement parts.

The optimal conditions for proper infrared inspections at wind farms should be between 70 to 85% output generation, this will ensure accurate and reliable thermography data. Pinnacle infrared can support any wind farm size from 300 MW and beyond. 

Pinnacle Infrared offers easy to read reports with both baseline and calibrated images, that can assist wind farm operators and technicians with valuable data and pinpoint accuracy.

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