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Infrared Roof Surveys

Thermal Imaging of commercial roofing is proven and effective for evaluating the moisture in a wide range of flat roofs. Water under the membrane is indicated by the yellow areas in the infrared image.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Electrical Inspections

Infrared Imaging is a proven tool to identify electrical problems prior to failure, allowing our clients to take proactive steps to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous electrical outages.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Blockwall Evaluation

This image shows defects in grout and bond-beams on an elevator shaft. Timely analysis with infrared allows the contractor or correct these defects before the finish is applied.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Energy Audits

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool when performing energy audits and assessments. This infrared image is showing a supply duct that was covered during construction with drywall.

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Pinnacle Infrared Thermal Imaging
> Serving clients nationwide including Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Nebraska, Colorado, & Iowa

Pinnacle Infrared, LLC provides consulting and testing services to diagnose building deficiencies in commercial, institutional and industrial properties and processes. Our clients include architects, engineers, contractors, government agencies, building managers, energy managers, maintenance professionals, and other related professionals. Based in Kansas, Pinnacle Infrared, LLC serves clients nationwide including: Kansas (KS), Oklahoma (OK), Arkansas (AR), Missouri (MO), Texas (TX), Nebraska (NE), Colorado (CO) and Iowa (IA).

Our expertise is commercial building envelope evaluations. Using our proven inspection techniques, along with high-resolution infrared thermography (IR) equipment, we can rapidly identify hidden deficiencies with electrical switchgear, behind walls and under roofing. This inspection provides the owner or purchaser with an accurate understanding of the building's envelope integrity so informed decisions can be made. Pinnacle Infrared, LLC has performed services on more than 300 commercial properties over just the last 2 years. Our inspections have identified significant hidden water intrusions, electrical deficiencies, and energy loss that have saved countless dollars due to early detection and repair.

In addition to envelope evaluations, we perform energy audits and energy assessments on both commercial and industrial processes. Not only do we find potential areas for savings, but we actually develop a plan for energy improvements and calculated a return on investment (ROI).

We also perform utility consulting to obtain a state sales tax exemption on commercial and industrial utility bills. In addition to manufacturers, we have been successful in obtaining sales tax exemptions for hotels and restaurants. Often we can even obtain a rebate for past years taxes.

Pinnacle Infrared, LLC also provides water and air infiltration field-testing. We perform testing procedures for new construction quality assurance testing or forensic water intrusion diagnostic services. Our forensic testing services actually recreate reported water intrusions so the exact failure point can be identified for accurate repairs.

Pinnacle excels in providing corporate-wide inspections using infrared and ultrasound technology. All our technicians are all certified infrared thermographers and are trained in NFPA 70E (arc-flash safety).

We are a certified vendor for hiring clients using the ISNetworld Service. Pinnacle Engineering has extensive clients from coast to coast. We always offer competitive rates and personalized services no matter your size or location.

Partial Client List

We routinely perform these services for many large and small companies including government agencies and schools and municipalities. You will recognize a few of these.

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Pinnacle Infrared, LLC focuses on getting to bottom of the issue. Infrared imaging; although a powerful tool, is only one of our many diagnostic tools and techniques. Using specialized equipment along with years of experience and both formal and informal education, we can come the correct conclusion regarding the best path for improving your building.

With working relationships with many qualified individuals throughout the United States (including engineers, architects, aerial infrared specialists, roof consultants, industrial hygienists, and environmental testing labs), we have the expertise available to find and diagnose the problem.

Call us today at (620) 870-9398 or (866) 630-7070 to discuss any of your concerns or projects. An initial 15 minute consultation is complementary.

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