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Infrared Roof Surveys

Thermal Imaging of commercial roofing is proven and effective for evaluating the moisture in a wide range of flat roofs. Water under the membrane is indicated by the yellow areas in the infrared image.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Blockwall Evaluation

This image shows defects in grout and bond-beams on an elevator shaft. Timely analysis with infrared allows the contractor to correct these defects before the finish is applied.
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Pinnacle Infrared

Energy Audits

Thermal imaging is a valuable tool when performing energy audits and assessments. This infrared image is showing a supply duct that was covered during construction with drywall.

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Utility Sales Tax Exemptions
> Commercial & Industrial Utility Studies

Pinnacle Infrared often performs utility studies for our commercial and industrial clients in order to obtain a sales tax exemption for the use of energy that is part of a production process. We have been successful in obtaining not only tax exemptions but even rebates for many clients.

The intent of a "Utility Sale Tax Exemption Study" (sometimes known as a "Sales Tax Abatement" or a "Utility Study") is to prove the use of electricity and/or natural gas is used to produce a product in order to acquire state sales tax exemption status. Almost all states require an in-depth study, and depending on your state's legislature, you may be required to have the study certified by a graduate of an engineering college.

Typical clients that may benefit from this study include:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Grocery Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Bakeries
  • Many other businesses that manufacture a product or perform a "process"

Pinnacle Infrared, LLC will perform a balanced utility study in order to show the state the exact amount of exemptible use. The study will be submitted to the state's Department of Revenue and tracked until you receive the sales tax exemption.

With a quick phone consultation, we can help you decide if you could save some (or even ALL!) of the sales tax on your utility bills.

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