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Proper Training for Any Insurance Requirements:

Our thermographers are trained and certified to the NETA/ANST Level II standard.

This is the top tier of infrared training and exceeds any insurance requirement.

Years of Experience and Training:

We have extensive training beyond what is normally required by most companies.

We have specific training in Electrical Infrared Imaging, Roof Infrared Surveys, and Thermography Inspections.

Safety Training:

Our staff takes safety seriously.

We have extensive training in Arc-flash safety, NPF 70E Electrical Safety. We utilize arc-flash PPE when required.

Licensed UAV Pilot:

Our UAVs are piloted by an FAA licensed pilot with night flying credentials, hundreds of hours of flight time, and $1M in flight insurance.

Most providers do not provide a pilot with an FAA night-flying endorsement.


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